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by Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer T-Shirt

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Oliver Spencer Conduit T-Shirt

Colour: Navy

Elevate your wardrobe with Oliver Spencer's Striped Conduit Tee, a quintessential piece reflecting the brand's British aesthetic. Crafted with care from organic cotton, this tee embodies timeless style and sustainable fashion.

  • Material: Made from 100% organic cotton, ensuring environmental responsibility and a soft, lightweight feel against the skin.
  • Design:
    • Striped Pattern: Features classic stripes, a signature element of Oliver Spencer's design ethos, adding a touch of timeless elegance.
    • Crewneck: Classic crewneck design for a versatile and timeless look suitable for any occasion.
    • Waffle Texture: Textured waffle fabric enhances the visual appeal and adds depth to the design, elevating the tee's overall aesthetic.
  • Breathable: The soft handle of the organic cotton creates a lightweight and breathable style, making it perfect for the warmer seasons.
  • Versatility: A mainstay in Oliver Spencer's collection, this tee seamlessly transitions from casual outings to more refined occasions, offering versatility and sophistication.

Add the Oliver Spencer Striped Conduit Tee to your wardrobe for a classic yet contemporary style statement, embodying British craftsmanship and sustainable fashion values.

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