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by New Amsterdam Surf Association

New Amsterdam Surf Association Jacket

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New Amsterdam Surf Association Work Jacket

Colour: Black StoneWash

Embrace a blend of functionality and style with the New Amsterdam Surf Association Workwear Jacket. This jacket is designed with a boxy fit and statement pockets, drawing inspiration from classic workwear to offer a modern, stylish twist.

  • Fit:
    • Relaxed fit for a comfortable, easygoing look
    • Waist length for a versatile silhouette
  • Design:
    • Button-up closure with branded buttons for a polished finish
    • Big patch pockets on the front for practical storage and a bold statement
    • Embossed New Amsterdam logo on the back for subtle, stylish branding
  • Material:
    • Made from 100% cotton for durability and comfort

Perfect for layering over your favorite outfits, this workwear jacket combines utilitarian design with contemporary aesthetics. Ideal for both casual and semi-formal occasions, it ensures you stay stylish and comfortable.

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