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by Les Deux

Les Deux Shirt

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Les Deux Easton Knitted SS Shirt

Colour: Washed Denim Blue/Ivory

Step back in time with our Vintage-Inspired Two-Tone Cotton Shirt, designed to blend nostalgia with modern comfort. This distinctive yet understated piece is perfect for those who appreciate a classic style with contemporary functionality.

  • Material: Made from 100% thick cotton, knitted to ensure extra breathability and durability.
  • Design:
    • Style: Nostalgic, vintage-inspired design that brings a touch of the past to your wardrobe.
    • Color: Features a contrast color collar for a unique and stylish look.
    • Fabric: Two-tone material that adds visual interest while maintaining a subtle appearance.
  • Fit: Comfy regular fit with short sleeves, offering a relaxed and comfortable silhouette suitable for various occasions.

Choose our Vintage-Inspired Two-Tone Cotton Shirt for a perfect blend of retro charm and modern comfort, making it an ideal addition to your casual wardrobe

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