Novesta - Timeless Sneakers Since 1939

Novesta - Timeless Sneakers Since 1939


The signature shoe of the Novesta brand, the Star Master still carries the unmistakeable chunky sole and vulcanisation marks that guarantee a true Novesta shoe that can withstand the hardest challenges. Star Master originates from military sports shoes which were produced for half a century in Slovakia and combine comfort with a rugged determination. Every pair is handmade from the finest natural rubber and canvases. The style is recognisable anywhere in the world. The shoe carries the signature ‘Trampky’ logo which marks each pair as a descendant of the true Slovakian people’s shoe. The easily identified silhouette is a true European classic and one of the continent’s most enduring sneaker shapes.



The perfect addition to every wardrobe, the Star Dribble hi-top combines our iconic chunky sole silhouette with the timeless basketball boot shape beloved by millions. Either in all-cotton classic or in one of our exciting seasonal variations, the Star Dribble is the ideal shoe for a myriad of looks. Be it in one of our vivid colours, or classic monochrome, this shoe is your new best friend.



The classic runner style – nostalgic but vital – the Marathon is an elegant addition to the Novesta canon. A wealth of style variations anchored by our signature commitment to the finest material makes the Marathon a sleek essential with a splash of decadence. Comfortable, understated but a cut above the rest – the Marathon is a natural investment, in the long run. Originally produced in Partizanske for the Czechoslovakia teamed that travelled to Seoul for the 1988 Olympic Games, Marathons rapidly became a mainstay in Slovakia.

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